July 27, 2015

How to Make Sure Your Commercial Office Desks are Eco-Friendly

by TrueNorth Desks

Typically, employees don’t give much thought to how a corporate desk is made and what products are used in its construction. As long as the desk works, that’s all that matters. But if you are looking to be more responsible with the environment, one great step is to be mindful about the corporate furniture that you are bringing into the office. Many commercial office desks use materials that aren’t eco-friendly and the companies producing the desks don’t implement practices that are best for the environment.

If you are looking to introduce more eco-friendly corporate furniture into your work space, here are a few things to consider:

Environmentally-friendly Products
Many companies craft commercial office desks out of wood because it’s a sturdy and reliable material. But wood is a finite and limited resource. One way to keep trees in the ground is to purchase desks that are made out of materials other than wood. Try looking for desks that are made from recycled materials. However, if you do decide to buy a desk made from wood, make sure that it has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. That means that the furniture has met certain standards and criteria that would qualify it to be an eco-friendly desk.

Non-Toxic Finish
Certain desks may have finishes that have harmful and even toxic chemicals, which can wreak havoc on the environment. Companies may try to cut corners or save some money by using these chemicals on the product because buyers don’t question it. But if you are thinking about purchasing a desk, consider inquiring about the chemicals that the company uses in the desk’s finish.

Know the Company
Before you purchase a desk, familiarize yourself with the company and its procedures. The manufacturing process for building a desk can be more important than the desk itself when considering a product to be eco-friendly. If a company builds an eco-friendly desk yet doesn’t dispose of the waste properly, it’s still harmful to the environment. It’s best to look at a company’s practices, like how they deal with gas emissions, before purchasing a desk.

We offer a collection of ergonomic desks that are also eco-friendly. If you want to learn more about the materials we use in our line, reach out to us.

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