August 20, 2015

How to Work Smarter in the Office

by TrueNorth Desks

Working smarter, not harder, is a philosophy that will help employees make better use of their time during the workday. By learning to be more efficient, you will find that you can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, leading to fewer 50- or 60-hour workweeks. Here are a few tips on how you increase your productivity.

Take Breaks
Your brain is a muscle, and like every other muscle in your body, it can only operate so long before it tires out. A fitness trainer wouldn’t recommend that you workout your muscles constantly without giving them a break, and you shouldn’t do that with your brain either. When your brain is fully alert and active, you’ll be able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

On average, your brain can focus for about 90 minutes before it needs a break. A good rule of thumb is to rest 15 minutes after working 90 minutes. You’ll feel fresher and more alert during the times you are working, making you much more productive and efficient.

Set Aside Time for Emails
Try to designate certain times throughout the day to read and respond to emails. Don’t allow yourself to be suckered into responding to every email that comes through. It slows you down when you switch back and forth between tasks. Multitasking might make people feel like they are accomplishing more, but studies have shown that it actually decreases an employee’s efficiency.

The best approach is to focus on a task and then switch to emails once you’ve accomplished that task. One way to help keep tasks separate is to utilize the sit to stand function of ergonomic desks. When you are ready to start responding to emails, adjust the ergonomic workspace from sitting to standing. This creates a new area to work on and subconsciously signifies a change in tasks.

Recharge Outside of the Office
What you do with your time off can have a tremendous effect on your life at the office. If you are feeling maxed out or stressed during personal time, it will filter into your work life, which will make you less productive. Think of activities that you find rejuvenating—beyond watching TV—such as spending time with friends/family, exercising or being outdoors, and make these a priority in your personal life.

Standing workstations are also a great way to encourage employees to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the office. Height adjustable desks create a more health-conscious work environment, which can prompt employees to continue staying healthy outside of work.

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