May 12, 2016

How You can Stay Motivated at Work

by TrueNorth Desks

Staying motivated at work day to day (or even hour to hour some days) can be tough, no matter what your job is. You may be fortunate enough to have a motivating force behind you. Perhaps your manager or superior is an excellent motivator and has found the best ways to keep you going strong all day. But for those of us who have to be self-motivators, here are a few ways to get motivated and stay motivated at work.


Exercise may seem a little unrelated to work, but staying motivated at work has a lot to do with having a balanced life. Working out before your workday begins may seem difficult, but is a great habit to start and to keep. Exercising at your standing desk is another way to maintain your energy and motivation while at the office. Working at a standing office desk helps you to keep up your energy levels, which will help your motivation. It is hard to feel motivated when you feel tired or groggy.

Get to know your coworkers

We spend the majority of our day at work, so it makes sense that we should be building relationships with our coworkers. Having relationships at work that you enjoy will help you feel motivated to not only get to work on time, but to do your work well while you are there. Standing desks help aid in collaboration with your coworkers. Even if you are not working on a project with coworkers, working at a standing workstation lets your coworkers feel more open to stopping by for a quick chat. It is important not to let conversations go too long or become distracting, but these little talks during the day can help you stay motivated.

Organize your standing desk

Staying organized is a big part of staying motivated. If your standing desk is cluttered, then your mind may be cluttered, too. Keeping the top of your adjustable height desk organized and clean can help you stay on task and become more productive. When you stay on task and then complete that task, you will feel motivated by your good work and motivated to do more. Keep lists of things you need to do in a day. Marking things off your list will help you feel accomplished and keep you organized.

Get enough sleep

This tip goes along with the first tip about exercising. It may seem less about work, but it helps in your work/life balance. Showing up to work on very little sleep or poor sleep will certainly cause you to drag during the day. If you are dragging, then you will have a hard time being motivated. In addition to staying awake and alert at work, sleep is also important to your overall health.


If you are needing a little extra motivation at work these days, consider switching from a traditional desk to a stand up desk. True North Desks has many standing desk styles to choose from and one that is sure to get you motivated.

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