November 6, 2015

Make a Great First Impression with a Client

by TrueNorth Desks

Putting your best foot forward with a potential or existing client is crucial. Bringing in new clients and retaining the ones you already have is the only the way to grow your business. When dealing with a client, you should approach the situation the same way, whether you are a small startup or a large expansive business.

Follow these three tips and you are sure to wow a client:

Present Yourself as an Expert
Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, the work that your company does and the talent that you have at the company. Clients are coming to you because they don’t have the manpower or expertise to do what you do. You need to present yourself like the expert that you are. Don’t be afraid to challenge or push back with clients if they suggest something you don’t agree with.

Many people, when dealing with a client, just agree or say yes to whatever the client wants. But you will earn more respect and trust with clients if you show them that you know what you are doing—which means having an opinion. Give input and feedback about a client’s ideas. Suggest certain ideas or ways of doing things that a client might not necessarily think to do.

Roll Out the Red Carpet
If clients comes by for a visit, to hear a presentation or see new work, make them feel special. Go the extra mile in making them feel like you care about the relationship. Take the client out to lunch. Have snacks or drinks already sitting out in the meeting room. Have a sign at the entrance welcoming the visitors. Little details go a long way.

Make Sure Your Office is a Reflection of Your Work
You need to view your office as an extension of the work that you do. When clients come by for a visit, they may only have an hour or two to judge you on your capabilities. And one of the things that they will notice is your work environment. Does it feel like a creative space? Can they see your work displayed around the office? What kind of vibe is the space giving out?

For instance, if a client walks around the office and sees employees slumped over at their corporate desks with bad posture and looking uncomfortable, that client may assume that employees are disinterested or not focused on their work. But if an employee is sitting or standing erect at an ergonomic workspace looking more attentive and comfortable, that’s going to communicate a much better message.

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