June 23, 2015

Maximize Collaboration with the Studio Lift Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

The Studio Lift desk is one of the most versatile standing desks in the TrueNorth™ line. This height adjustable desk easily transitions from a sitting to a standing desk, but can also be used for a collaborative workspace for meetings, quick conversations between coworkers, and a communal area. It’s an option that’s perfect for smaller companies or startups who want to get the most bang for their buck, and who want to encourage a collaborative work environment.

Here are a couple features of the Studio Lift that make it a worthwhile investment:

Simple Yet Sleek Design
The design of the Studio Lift desk is built around simplicity. The ergonomic workspace is comprised of a single rectangular desktop, allowing maximum area for an employee to work on. It’s not overly fancy, but it gets the job done. An ergonomic workspace with a single desktop, as opposed to a tiered or multi-surfaced desktop, allows for better collaboration during meetings since all employees are able to face each other with ease. The Studio Lift is also one of the smaller standup desks from TrueNorth™, so companies can fit more Studio Lift standing desks in a smaller area.

Lots of Legroom
Instead of the desk legs being placed on either side of the desk, the Studio Lift legs are centrally placed underneath the desk. This central placement is a feature that’s found only on the Studio Lift and Corner Lift standup desks, while all the other TrueNorth™ desks have two or three separate desk legs. This centralized stabilization allows multiple chairs to be pulled up to the desk, creating that conference room table feel. Six chairs can be comfortably seated around the Studio Lift because of this unique feature. And, the centralized desk legs still allow for lots of legroom when it’s being used as an individual desk.

Wide Height Range
Like all of the TrueNorth™ height adjustable desks, the Studio Lift can lower to a height of 24.5” and then rise as high as 50.5”, creating a wide range of motion. The vast range of height possibilities allows for employees to customize their sit-to-stand desks to their personal preferences. Whether an employee is tall or short, he or she can find a height that’s comfortable while standing and improving health. This height versatility also translates into different uses for collaborative workspace.

The Studio Lift encourages employees to have impromptu meetings and discuss issues that pop up for projects. Instead of waiting for a meeting room to become available, employees can transition the Studio Lift from a desk to a collaborative workspace, quickly communicate about a topic, and then get back to work.

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