March 15, 2016

Office Design Trends for 2016

by TrueNorth Desks

By now, you might think that we have this whole office design thing figured out. But companies are continuing to find ways to make their office spaces more efficient, energetic, and welcoming to both their employees and clients. Companies have seen the research that adding features like standing desks and healthy food options are increasing employee productivity. Taking the time to create a space where employees want to do their best work and encourage others to do the same will benefit your business in many ways.

Here are a few of the trends that we may see popping up in offices in 2016.

Glass Walls

Say goodbye to the days of the cubicle. Companies are opening up their office spaces by adding glass walls to conference rooms and all around work spaces. Opening up the space allows us to feel like we have more breathing room, creating a more open and creative environment.

Flexible Office Layout with Multiple Work Spaces

Many furniture design companies are creating pieces that can be moved around for different layouts with different purposes. Stand up desks are a great addition to a flexible office layout. Allowing employees the option of a standing workstation or a seated desk lets them work how they feel the most comfortable at any given moment.

Bringing Nature into Design

Office designers are using more natural elements this year. Whether it is reclaimed wood or natural colors in the fabrics, creating a sense of the outdoors is on trend. Adding greenery to any standing office desk helps to clean the air around your office.

Promoting Physical Activity

I’m sure you have seen some of the images of the Google offices around the world. Many have slides, pool tables, and even putt putt. Other companies are taking notes and adding new features that allow employees to re-energize themselves while staying in the office. Whether they have the option of an adjustable height desk, a recreation room, or an onsite exercise room, employers are catching on that happy and healthy employees are also productive employees.

Community Tables

The word “community” evokes a feeling of oneness. Community tables have most recently been seen at restaurants, where diners share tables with other diners they do not know. Community tables in the workplace are taking the place of the conference room. Conference rooms often feel stuffy and boring. A community table opens up a space for employees to brainstorm together and feel more like a team.
Whether your office is big or small, many of these trends can be translated into your space. Creating a space where employees don’t just work, but thrive, is key to a successful business. If you are ready to take the first step and add standing desks to your office, True North Desks has many options that will fit your office.

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