December 21, 2016

Office Survival Kit You Can’t Live Without

by TrueNorth Desks

It’s the time of year when gift giving is increasingly popular, but originality is difficult. Avoid getting the same gifts every year, and look for ways to think outside the box. At TrueNorth, our standing desks were developed from the idea that we should be thinking outside the box. We’ve developed a line of ergonomically sound office furniture that allows for productivity and creativity throughout the day. Whether you are looking for gift ideas or are interested in finding something to keep at your own standing desk throughout the year, this list is sure to make office life a bit more enjoyable. Here is our Office Survival Kit You Can’t Live Without:  

Skin Care

The cold winter months tend to do a number on our hands and face. For many office workers, it’s important to have a few lotions and salves behind the standing desk to dig out on extra dry days. Untinted chapstick and hemp lotion are common gifts for men, and mildly fragrant candles can also be included.

Music Options

Everyone in the office has their own preferences when it comes to music, ranging from classic rock to smooth ballads, classical tunes to jam band. Each work pod or standing desk area is most likely listening to their preferred station or album. Include headphones in your gift basket, or a set of portable speakers. This allows everyone to choose their own music, and avoids distracting nearby co-workers.

Drink & Snack

At TrueNorth, we’ve created a line of sit to stand desks that is committed to individual health and happiness. It can sometime be very tough at the office to avoid mindless snacking. Include some healthy snacks, tea bags, or a reusable coffee mug in your survival kit. Snacking healthy at the office will cut out calories throughout the week. Our standing desks also burn more calories for users than traditional, seated desks.

Ergonomic Tools

It’s so important for office employees to take their health seriously in and around the workplace. There are countless desktop accessories that are ergonomically designed. If you are not already using a standing desk in your office, we strongly urge you to consider making the switch. With digital, programmable functions, standing desks can easily move from seated to standing position. Other than standing desks, you can also invest in an ergonomic computer keyboard or mouse. Include these in your survival kit.

Egg Timer

If you’re like most workers in today’s marketplace, you are juggling many tasks and responsibilities. Split your work day up into 50/10 increments. Every hour includes 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of movement. This allows you to consistently work through the day with minimal distraction.  

Contact Us

At TrueNorth, we understand that sometimes the daily grind at the office can get a bit tiresome. We believe in making the most of our days and encouraging others along the way. Consider making this survival kit for yourself on a rainy day, or for a coworker or friend who might need an extra boost this holiday season. It is the perfect gift to set on your TrueNorth standing desk! If you have yet to make the move to motorized sit to stand desks, contact us today to learn more about our desks and how you can get started.

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