December 8, 2016

Our Top Picks: Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

by TrueNorth Desks

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means many offices are preparing for Secret Santa, White Elephant and the overall giving and receiving of gifts with officemates. Instead of perpetuating the tasteless, unnecessary gag gift that so often is the norm at office parties, why not find something useful to gift your co-workers? There are plenty of affordable gifts available online and in stores that would make excellent accessories around your co-worker’s standing desk. Here are our top picks for holiday gifts at the office:


Office co-workers are always grateful for a new gadget to place on their standing desk. Electronic clocks, calendars and coordinators all help office workers keep track of their busy schedules. Ergonomic keyboards and mice help make the daily grind operate a bit more smoothly. For many office workers, keeping the space around their sit to stand desk clear of clutter is extremely important. Employees that are organized and use their space wisely often see higher productivity results. Find gadgets, electronics and smaller gifts that support a more organized work environment.


It’s common to spend 50+ hours each week at our places of work. For many Americans, it is most definitely their home away from home. It’s important to ensure that the work environment is pleasant, productive and supportive in order to also enrich the personal lives of employees. Adding small, meaningful elements of decor to your standing desk can help bring home into the office. Consider giving picture frames, air plants, playful tape dispensers and staplers or a colorful stool to use along with the motorized sit to stand desk feature. Adding personality to the work environment greatly adds individual ownership and appreciation.

Meal Planning

In this digital age, there are countless pre-packaged and online services available to consumers. We can find online stylists, therapists, exercise programs and meal planning tools. Many of these food preparation programs send out the ingredients for a few meals each week in an effort to make healthy meals available to busy people. For many individuals working office jobs, it’s hard to find time to make healthy meals before each work day. Meal planning tools provide the dry ingredients and grocery lists for fresh and tasty lunches and dinners. Instead of settling for fast food at the standing desk on lunch hour, healthy meals offer consumers more energy and general satisfaction. Meal planning programs make the reality of healthy meals much more attainable, and offer something delicious and inventive.

Vacation Day

Check with your Human Resources director to see if there is any way that you can gift a PTO day to someone in the office this holiday season. Maybe there is someone who has had unexpected personal or family issues and has had to use up most of their vacation and sick leave. Offering a bonus vacation day of Rest and Relaxation could mean the world to them.  As an employer, consider offering employees an extra day off around the holidays. The boost in morale and loyalty is astronomical when a boss offers something like this to his or her hardworking employees. We use many hardworking employees to create our line of sit to stand desks available through TrueNorth, and so we understand what it’s like to try and find something meaningful to show our gratitude.

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At TrueNorth, we know that the holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. It’s difficult to manage the various end-of-year parties, gift giving and travel arrangements, and often times people get to the end of their vacation, needing a vacation to recover. Our hope is that through expertly designed ergonomic office furniture, we can offer individuals something that will benefit their health and happiness while in the workplace. If you haven’t yet started using a standing desk in your office, we encourage you to get on board! Contact us today to learn more about our line of sit to stand desks and to get started on your order.

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