June 12, 2017

Posture and Work Performance: 4 Ways They’re Related

by TrueNorth Desks

For millions of office workers around the world, there is always the temptation to slouch over work desks and perpetuate poor posture. Years of slumped shoulders and poorly designed desks have made it easy for us to create poor posture habits. Fixing these habits take time and intentionality, but doing so can have a great effect on our overall health and happiness, both in and out of work. Posture and productivity can be improved with ergonomic office furniture. Here is a run down on posture and work performance, and 4 ways they’re related:

Importance of Proper Posture

With proper posture, individuals allow themselves to work more efficiently and with better health throughout the workweek. Proper alignment when sitting and standing alleviates pain to the lower back and to the neck. Paying careful attention to the health of their muscles, joints, and spine allows standing desk users to promote healthier lifestyles. Individuals can pay closer attention to proper posture when using standing desks, as they are able to adjust positions throughout the day.


When individuals practice healthy posture, they are able to focus on daily tasks without regular distractions. With a healthy lifestyle, office workers can work more efficiently and productively. Instead of dealing with constant discomforts, they feel rested and well and able to move from one task to the next. Standing desks offer office workers an opportunity to improve posture and stay focused and productive while at work.


When office workers are uncomfortable, they aren’t going to be as productive in the workplace. Poor posture leads to lower back and neck pain, and it also makes people self-conscience. They want to sit up straighter, eat healthier, be thinner, and have more energy. As soon as they notice their slouched profile over their traditional corporate furniture, it’s easy to become more self-aware of other things in life that need improvement. Healthy posture throughout the day allows individuals to stay focused on the tasks at hand.


Poor health means that it’s harder to move from one task to the next. TrueNorth motorized standing desks encourage users to easily transition between sitting and standing positions throughout the work day. As users have proper posture and healthy living practices, they are able to move easily between tasks and areas of the office. We recommend that office workers stand for 3-5 hours each day. This variety promotes ergonomic health and higher rates of productivity.

Healthy Living

Individuals who pay close attention to their posture are more likely to pay close attention to their overall health. Mindless snacking, hunched shoulders, and long stretches of sitting are all signs indicating a lack of intentionality at the workplace. Individuals who use standing workstations pay close attention to their posture and overall health, and can focus on tasks for longer and produce more work throughout the week.

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