July 5, 2016

Power Through Slow or Stressful Work Days at your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Staying motivated to do a variety of different tasks can be tough. How many times have you started a new workout routine, totally motivated, only to find yourself less motivated just a few weeks in? Or maybe you are motivated to start cooking exciting new meals every week, but after week 1 you feel a little less excited about this new endeavor. These are common tales. But staying motivated at work is a different story. The main difference is that we have to work. There is usually no choice in the matter. So finding ways to stay motivated is vital to creating a more enjoyable and fulfilling work day.

We at True North Desks want to give you a few ways to find some motivation and energy to get through even the slowest or most stressful of workdays.

Keep your standing desk organized

Keeping a clean and organized workspace is vital to staying motivated. It would be hard to get any work done when you can’t get to your work in the first place. Take time at the end of each day to organize your desk for the following day. Making a to-do list either on paper or on your phone or computer will help you have a clear head when you leave the office. Preparation for the following day will allow your work to seem more doable and bearable, therefore motivating you to get it done. When things are cluttered and unruly, it can seem impossible to finish even a small task, but a clean stand up desk is the best place to really get some work done.

Unplug occasionally during the day

When you are working but your phone keeps dinging or emails continually pop up on your computer, then you will be easily distracted. When you really need to focus on a task and just can’t seem to work up the motivation because you are constantly distracted, sign out of your email account and turn off your phone. Doing this for even a short time a few times a day will help you get your work completed at your standing workstation with fewer distractions.

Talk with your coworkers

Sometimes we need a little extra energy in order to get work done. If you have a coworker who always seems to lift you up, give you energy, and make you feel motivated, invite them over to your standup desk for a quick chat. The talk doesn’t have to be about anything in particular, or even about work. Sometimes a quick talk with a friend can be enough to clear your head and get you motivated for a big project.

Find personal motivation

If it is difficult for you to find motivation within your office, look to your personal life for motivation. Keep pictures of loved ones on your standing office desk. The reminders that you are working in order to provide for your family can be a great motivation on tough days. Maybe you have a vacation with friends coming up soon. Keep your calendar nearby in order to count down the days until your fun days off. Having someone to work for and something to look forward to are great motivations to get you through your work week.
Standing desks can help you feel energized and motivated throughout the day. True North Desks has many styles of standing desks, one of which will surely help you stay energized at work.

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