A sleek, split-level desk that provides ample room for your laptop or computer monitor on one level and a keyboard or sketchpad on the other, the TrueNorth Align is the ideal standing desk solution for the multi-tasker whose work requires more than just a basic workstation. As flexible as you, the Align desk is as comfortable in a corner office as it is in a lobby or a shared workspace.

Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of the Align. Research shows that employees who utilize standing workstations like the TrueNorth Align reap benefits ranging from improved blood circulation to a lowered chance of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. Give employees space to move, create, and improvise. With an ergonomic workspace solution like the Align, you can be flexible on everything but quality.





  • Width: 48” to 72”
  • Depth: 30"
  • Height: 24.5” to 50.5”
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs