If TrueNorth’s team of sit or stand desks is all about versatility, then the TrueNorth Aspire may be its star player. Like its teammates, it transitions with ease between a sitting workstation and an ergonomic standing desk. Also like its teammates, it pays off in improvements with overall health and morale and it’s designed to match form with function.

Where the Aspire distinguishes itself is with its separately-adjusting dual levels. The two separate workspaces can be raised and lowered independently of each other, creating endless options for productivity, creativity, and style. Change it up throughout the day and watch the Aspire transition from computer desk to drawing board to lunch table and back. Whatever you need your standing desk to be, the Aspire can be: times two.





  • Width: 48” – 96” (12" increments)
  • Depth: 30” or 36”
  • Height: 24.5” to 50.5”
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs