July 25, 2016

Products to Supplement your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Working at a standing desk is one of the best ways to boost your health, energy, and even creativity while working. Once you have chosen the best standing desk for your work style, it is time to consider some other accessories to make the most of your time at your standup desk. Whether you are working from a home office or a large corporate space, True North Desks has a short list of useful accessories that are sure to make your days at work more enjoyable.

Somewhere to sit

Why would you need somewhere to sit if you are working at a standing desk? Even though you love your standing workstation, there will be times throughout the day when you want or need to sit down. Investing in a supportive seat is necessary to be sure that you can have some time to relax during your day or sit and focus during an important phone call.

  • Traditional office chair An office chair that offers back support is key when you need to rest for a bit. An office chair is a great choice if you are using an adjustable height desk.
  • Standing Stool Another alternative to an office chair is a standing stool. This type of stool allows your body to rest a bit, but keeps your muscles engaged and your posture at its best. A standing stool is a great seating accessory for your stand up desk because you never fully recline into a traditional office chair, but your body gets the break it needs during a full work day.

Comfortable Shoes

Since you will be spending most of your day standing up, wearing comfortable shoes is key. When you are deciding what shoes are the most comfortable, think mostly about support. Flip flops may be comfortable, but they will not be supportive enough for standing throughout your day or to wear during walking meetings. Keep your supportive shoes at your standing desk as well as a more professional pair of shoes for important meetings where professional attire is more appropriate.

A step stool

Just like sitting in one position all day can cause your body some discomfort, standing the same way all day can have the same negative effects. A step stool is a great accessory to keep handy so that you can prop one foot on it during the day, then switch it up as needed. A folding step stool can slide right underneath your desk and be brought out as needed. It can also be a great accessory to use during your standing desk exercise breaks.

A timer

A timer is a great product to have at standing desks because they remind you to move around a bit. Whether you are sitting or standing, you shouldn’t keep your body in the same position for too long. A timer, whether a traditional timer, on your phone, or even on your computer, helps you keep up with your standing, sitting, and screen time. Your eyes and body will need breaks throughout the day, so use your timer to remind yourself to take a time out to exercise, walk around, get water or coffee, or sit for a minute or two.
If you are not already working at a True North Standing Desk, please request our standing desk brochure to learn more. We have many standing desk styles for every working situation. Check out our standing desk blog for more articles on the many benefits of working at a standing desk.

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