March 29, 2016

Proper Office Etiquette When Using a Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

There are already many unspoken rules for most offices. If you are in an open space, people try not to talk too loudly on their phones. Private conversations between co-workers should be held in a quiet voice. If you want to listen to music, use your headphones, and so on and so forth. When you introduce any new equipment to your office, there are likely to be more rules that need to be established. This is true even for standing desks. Whether you are in an office where you are the only stand up desk user, or your whole company is making the healthy switch to standing desks, True North Desks has compiled a short list of some rules to live by for standing desk users.

Keep your eyes on your own space.

This is especially important if you are one of only a few standing desk users in your office. Standing high above your co-workers could give the impression that you are snooping. Picture a room full of cubicles with one guy standing on his chair checking out everybody else’s computer screen. If you have naturally wandering eyes, be mindful that this may make your coworkers feel like you are the office snoop, checking to see who is online shopping or hopping on Facebook during work hours.

Try not to stand all day.

There are so many benefits to standing, but your body needs some breaks and sitting time, too. Try to keep a little bit of a schedule to your sitting and standing time at your adjustable height desk. Set your timer to cue your breaks. Otherwise you may go from standing to sitting too often and distract those around you.

Be considerate of where you conduct meetings.

If you just need a quick 2-minute chat with someone, it is perfectly acceptable to have them stand with you at your standing desk. Just know that this sends the signal to them that this will be a quick meeting. If you feel that a meeting needs more time and attention, consider meeting in a conference room or lounge area instead of your standing workstation.

Be encouraging to others.

You may be the first one in your office to take the leap from sitting to standing. Like with anything a little out of the ordinary, you are going to have some people who will disapprove of your choice, think you’re a health nut, or tease you for your standing desk. But hopefully they will see the improvement in your health and energy. Try not to be too pushy about your standing desk choice, but let your newfound productivity and creativity speak for itself. After some time, people will start to notice how much better you feel. As they begin to catch on, they may ask for a standing desk, too. Pretty soon, you could have a whole office of healthy and energetic employees! Think of how much better your workday will be when everyone feels as good as you do.
Although standing desks have a relatively long history, their resurgence is still fairly new. Following these simple rules will help your whole office with the transition to standing desks. To find the perfect standing desk for your career, check out the many options we have at True North Desks.

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