November 13, 2015

Redoing Your Office Space? Here’s Where to Start

by TrueNorth Desks

It’s time. Those old office chairs aren’t cutting it anymore, and your splinter-inducing desk belongs more on an episode of Junkyard Wars than Mad Men. Your office environment has a huge effect on your business. Whether you’re bringing customers in to sell them on your products or services or you’re focused on keeping your employees happy and productive, your office environment matters. In fact, one study found that even the temperature of your office affects productivity!

But unless you’re a closeted interior designer, just waiting for your chance to let your inner decorator out, redoing your outdated office can seem like a huge chore. If you’re about to jump into a redesign, here’s how to make it happen smoothly:

Your budget for a project like redecorating will guide each and every decision. Make developing your budget the first step and you’re a lot less likely to end up with expensive mistakes.

Get Organized
The complexity of the redesign will guide what organization you need, but even small jobs will benefit from some structure. Consider starting a spreadsheet to keep track of all the little details that will pop up, or creating a folder of paperwork you’ll acquire. A little organization will go a long way towards keeping you on task, on schedule and on budget.

Set a Priority List
Building a better office environment is about more than picking cool furniture. Are you looking to foster cooperation between team members? A marketing company might prioritize a great visual look over functionality. An engineering firm might put ergonomic office furniture at the top of the priority list. Or, if your company is anything like TrueNorth, maybe you want to promote a healthy lifestyle (standing desks are a great way to do this!) Deciding exactly what you’re after will help you every step of the way, and will let you save time and energy by excluding all options that don’t match your priorities.

Find Inspiration
Collect images that have the colors and styles that you like. And don’t forget to consider the parts of your office that aren’t going to change. If you’re just picking out new office furniture, for example, make sure it’s going to coordinate with your wall paint.

Don’t Settle
At some point, this project is likely to start feeling like a chore, because running your business isn’t put on hold while you tackle these extra projects. However, having a great environment for you and your employees is worth the time and energy. These decisions are for the long term, so don’t give up, even after looking at the hundredth ergonomic workstation!

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