August 25, 2015

Selecting the Right Colors for Your TrueNorth Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

At TrueNorth, we are all about giving you exactly what you want—even down to the details. Once you’ve decided which one (or two or three) TrueNorth standing desks you’d like, you can choose from a variety of colors for your standing desk. From the desktop to the legs, you can customize your TrueNorth stand up desk to your preferences. Our wide selection of colors ensures that your TrueNorth ergonomic standing desk will fit beautifully into your office’s interior.

Desktop Colors
The desktops on our height adjustable desks are available in three different colors: white, maple and black. You can’t go wrong with white. A white desktop will compliment any décor and furniture around it. White desks are a top choice for many companies because it provides a clean, organized look. The maple is also a great color option that gives the ergonomic standing desk a honey finish. This is a great choice if you want a more neutral color that has a warmer hue than white. Maple resembles the look of wood and is extremely inviting—making you want to pull up a chair and settle in. Black—well that’s a color that stands out in the best possible way. It’s a sophisticated and stylish choice for those who want their offices to be both bold and beautiful. A height adjustable standing desk with a black finish looks upscale and serious.

Leg Colors
After you select the desktop color, you can either choose between silver or black legs to complete the standing desk. What’s great about these two colors is they pair very nicely with each of the desktop colors. Silver legs compliment a white desktop. Instead of having a completely white desk, the silver adds some contrast and color. It makes the desk more interesting rather than being all white, but it still provides that clean and crisp look. If you went with the black desktop, the black legs finishes out the standing desk nicely. The black on black makes the standing desk look extremely stylish and it will be a piece that you can be proud to display throughout the office.

Our brochure has a lot of information on our standing office desks and what makes them unique. It also has great images depicting the colors and how they look on the desks. You’ll be able to envision how each desk would work at your office. Request a brochure here.

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