May 24, 2016

Set up your Home Office with a Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

More and more people are working from home these days. Some are able to split their time between a corporate office and a home office. Many people who work in either outside sales or inside sales use a home office as their base. And some are fortunate enough to work in a home office full time. If working in a home office, either part time or full time, is part of your job, then it is important to make sure your space is set up in a way that will help you be your most productive and efficient. But you also have the freedom to make the space your own style and comfort level.

Here are a few tips from True North Desks on setting up your home office.

Remember ergonomics

In a corporate office, you may not get to choose your desk or how it is set up, but your home office is open to your design and preferences. When you set up your computer screen at your standing desk, be sure it is at or just below eye level. If you are using a height adjustable desk, it will be easy to adjust your desk in order to have the screen at just the right position. If you want to have a chair handy at your standing workstation, choose one that supports your back and can be be adjusted.

Create a lounging area

Creating a lounging area in your home office is especially important if you are not able to leave the home office during the day. If there are other people in your home during the day, you could become easily distracted if you slip out to rest on the couch or make a cup of coffee. Standing desks are especially useful in a small space because they take up less room and make an office feel more open, allowing you extra space for a comfortable chair and table set up for coffee and snack breaks.

Having a mini-fridge and a coffee pot in your office are also great additions. You will have the freedom to take small breaks without getting distracted by wandering into other parts of the house.

Get personal

One of the best things about creating a home office space is that you won’t have to follow any office decorating rules. Add some greenery near your stand up desk for a fresh look. Hang a few personal items on the walls and find lamps that you love. To make the most of your space, a floor lamp next to your standing desk is best. One with an adjustable neck will allow you to shift light where you need it during the day. If you do not have natural light in your office, be sure you have enough lamps and plants to keep you from feeling too claustrophobic during your working hours.


Choosing your standing desk is the first step to creating your ideal home office. Contact us at True North Desks to talk about all of your standing desk options.

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