April 21, 2016

Standing Desks Can Help Ease Anxiety in the Workplace

by TrueNorth Desks

We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives. Most of us have come to expect the feelings of anxiety and stress as an everyday occurrence. We already know many of the negative side effects of sitting all day, but now we can add increased anxiety to the list. A recent study stated that sedentary behavior may have ties to increased anxiety. Our society has seen an increase in overall anxiety levels which have been accompanied with an increase in sedentary lifestyles. So we at True North Desks have come up with a few tips to help you decrease your anxiety and stress levels while at work.

Stand Up Desks

If leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle lends itself to increased anxiety, then an obvious solution would be to work at a standing workstation. Working at a standing desk allows your body to feel more energetic and more focused on tasks. This increase in energy and focus could lead you to be more productive, therefore decreasing your overall stress levels. For those times when you do need to sit to work on a specific task, an adjustable height desk allows you to make the transition from standing to sitting and back again. The goal here is just to stand more. It may take a few weeks to get used to your new standing lifestyle, but your body and mind will thank you.

Get enough sleep

Researchers suggest that sitting for long periods of time can disrupt your sleep patterns. In order to get a good night’s sleep, spend more time standing during the day. If you ride a train to work, stand for at least one leg of your commute. Rather than having meetings in a conference room or sitting in a coffee shop, take a walking meeting or standing meeting instead. Your body, while it will feel more energized at work, will be working hard all day, allowing you to get rejuvenating sleep at night.

Be more social

This study also suggested that a sedentary lifestyle could cause someone to become socially withdrawn. Chances are good that if you are sitting at your desk all day, you may seem unapproachable. You are also feeling very tired and could be lacking the emotional energy you need in order to interact with your coworkers. This then leads to an even more tired feeling when you get home, causing you to withdraw from your family and friends. Working at a stand up desk allows you to be more collaborative with your coworkers. Sneaking in just a little social interaction into your workday could make a positive difference in how you feel.
As you can see, sitting all day is a slippery slope to many negative effects such as anxiety, fatigue, and isolation. The simple solution is to work at a standing desk. True North Desks has many standing desk options, one of which is sure to meet your career needs.

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