June 11, 2015

Standing Office Desks Improve Employee Health

by TrueNorth Desks

On average, an office worker spends 5 hours and 41 minutes every day sitting at his or her desk. This amount of sitting can wreak havoc on employee health. Even if people take occasional breaks and stroll around the office, it can’t combat some of the health risks that accompany prolonged sitting. Height adjustable desks are an excellent option for companies who are looking to invest in their employees. These standing workstations can adjust to an employee’s height and allows him or her the opportunity to stand during the day.

Here are some of the health benefits that accompany having a standing workstation, instead of a traditional desk:

Increases Blood Circulation
When office workers sit in desk chairs, pressure gets placed on their legs and that decreases the amount of blood circulation throughout the body. This can often cause blood clots, a condition that can be extremely dangerous, resulting in multiple doctor visits and potential surgery. When employees are able to use a standing desk, they minimize the amount of tension on their legs, increase circulation and, as a result, reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

Lowers Your Chances of Disease
Employees who use standing workstations, as opposed to the traditional office desk, decrease their chances of developing certain life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Numerous studies have found that some of today’s most feared diseases are correlated to spending too much time sitting or being inactive. A 2011 study found that 49,000 breast cancer cases and 43,000 colon cancer cases annually in the US could be attributed to prolonged sitting. Also, a study found that sitting for longer periods of time reduces the body’s effectiveness at regulating glucose levels in the blood. This is part of a condition called metabolic syndrome that dramatically increases a person’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Burns More Calories
When employees stand instead of sit during work, they burn on average 50 more calories. So standing office desks could help employees burn more than 400 calories in one workday, or 2,000 more calories in a week. This is a huge benefit for busy employees with families and friends who may not have time to go to the gym or exercise regularly. Height adjustable desks not only benefit the employee, but the company as well. An employee will stay healthier and have a better attitude toward life while using a standing desk. This allows them to be more focused, involved and efficient at work.

We would love to discuss ways to incorporate our standing office desks into your work environment. Please contact us today.

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