April 7, 2016

Step away from your Standing Desk for a Walking Meeting

by TrueNorth Desks

Sitting at a desk all day is not only bad for your health, it is also boring! Even if you are working at an adjustable height desk or standing desk, while you are getting many more health benefits, you may still get a little bored. Doing exercises at your stand up desk is one way to stay energized and sneak in a little physical fitness while at work. But you will have plenty of days where you must have meetings. Some of these meetings may require a conference room because they involve so many people. But if you have meetings scheduled with fewer than 5 people, consider having a walking meeting.

Walking meetings are just what they sound like. Rather than sitting down in a conference room or coffee shop for a meeting, you conduct your meeting while walking around your office complex, around the neighborhood, or in a nearby park. Having a walking meeting is a great way to unplug for a little bit during your day. You won’t be distracted by your computer or by other people in your office. Many people have found they are more creative and able to collaborate with their coworkers even better when they are walking rather than sitting.

Here are a few tips from True North Desks on how to conduct successful walking meetings.

Keep it small

Walking meetings are the most successful when they are made up of a small group. In order for everyone to be heard, there can’t be too many people trying to chime in or listen in while walking. When your meeting involves 5 or fewer people, it is the perfect size for a walking meeting.

Be prepared with proper footwear

If you are already working at a standing workstation, you probably have comfortable shoes at your desk already. Wearing tennis shoes, comfort shoes, or even barefoot shoes are perfect for a walking meeting. You certainly don’t want to be distracted from the meeting topic because your feet are aching in your high heels or uncomfortable loafers.

Know your topic

Not every meeting can be conducted as a walking meeting. Some meetings will require you and other participants to be looking at papers, computers, or a whiteboard. If this is the case, stick to your traditional meeting places. But if your meeting is more about talking and less about reading and writing, take advantage of the circumstances and get moving.

Have a plan

First of all, be sure to inform everyone about the walking meeting with plenty of advanced notice. You want to be sure they are dressed appropriately for a walk and have the proper shoes. Have a walking route already in mind. Rather than wandering around or checking google maps on your phone, have a route planned out so that you can focus on the topic of your meeting rather than on not getting lost. Having a destination can be fun, too. Have your walking meeting that leads to further discussion over lunch. Walking back from lunch will allow more discussion as well as a way to maintain energy after your meal. This may help curb that 3:00 slump most of us feel in the afternoons.
Standing desks offer a way to maintain energy and creativity during the day and adding in walking meetings further benefit your health both in body and mind. For more information on standing desk options, request a brochure from True North Desks. We have standing desk designs made for any office space.

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