June 9, 2016

Summer Office Fashion for Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

These days, many offices do not have a strict dress code, or even a written dress code at all. But even without a dress code, most offices have some unwritten rules about how their employees should dress. Whether you work in a conservative office or one with a more relaxed atmosphere, summer calls for a bit of a lighter dress. While we do have some great tips on how to dress at your standing desk year round, here are some more specific ways to use your wardrobe when it comes to dressing for work in these hot summer months.

Carry a tote bag

This first tip may need a little explaining. If you are riding public transportation or walking to work, you will want to be comfortable doing this. So walk to work in your comfortable shoes, but carry more office appropriate (but still comfortable for working at standing desks) shoes in your tote bag. If you are walking to work in the summer, then you will certainly want to dress cool. But you may want to carry a sweater or jacket with you to wear when you arrive at the office. This will allow you to stay warm in an air conditioned space while staying cool while you are making your way to work.

Keep it professional

For women, it is important that you remember that even though it is summer, you need to be dressed appropriately while working at your stand up desk. Depending on your office atmosphere, what is appropriate could vary from office to office. Be mindful of days where you will be meeting clients or making presentations and be sure to dress for those situations. Dresses in lighter fabrics that are loose fitting rather than tailored will be the most comfortable during the hot summer months. Linen is ideal for when you are at your standing workstation. While linen tends to wrinkle when you sit all day, it is the best summer fabric when you spend most of your day working at your standup desk.

For men, the office is rarely a place for shorts and flip flops. Invest in some lightweight collared shirts and lightweight pants to get you through the summer. Stick with lighter colors to stay cool. If wearing a suit is part of your daily wardrobe for work, then steer clear of black and dark navy suits and find something in lighter colors to help beat the heat.

Mind your toes

While the men should probably stay away from flip flops in the office, women can get away with open toed shoes during the Spring and Summer months. For everyone’s benefit, keep your feet and toes clean and polished. It’s also a good excuse to splurge on a pedicure now and then. Just remember to bring your tote bag with your most comfortable walking shoes for those days you are walking to work. You may also want to keep some comfortable shoes at your standing desk for those days that you want your heels for meetings, but need some comfort while standing and working.
Now that you have your wardrobe ready for the summer months, it is time to make sure you have the best standing desk to keep yourself productive, creative, and motivated. True North Desks have many desk styles to choose from. Request our brochure to view our desks at your convenience.

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