July 20, 2015

The Align Standing Desk Melds Comfort with Functionality

by TrueNorth Desks

Employees who spend their time typing at a computer will fall in love with the TrueNorth Align. This multi-surfaced height adjustable desk has a unique structure that allows an employee to have a more natural position when typing. As a result, there’s a decrease in the amount of neck and wrist pain found in employees. Here’s a glimpse at what the TrueNorth Align offers:

Plenty of Working Space
The Align is one of only two standing desks in the TrueNorth line that has separate, tiered desktops. The structure of this standup desk is set up so that a computer can sit on the first tier while the keyboard is the second tier. This design provides the utmost comfort for the employee since the computer sits higher, more in the line with the eyesight, and the keyboard sits lower, at a natural spot for the arms to rest. The two tiers are connected and move together as the desk raises and lowers, so the tiered set up will remain intact no matter the height of the standup desk.

Variety of Colors
There are many different color combinations that companies can select for this standing workstation. You can choose from white, maple or black for the desktop and either slate or black for the legs. This way, your company can customize the TrueNorth Align for your particular office. You can have a clean crisp look with the white/slate option, or you could go for a sophisticated statement by selecting black/black. Whatever finishes you decide on, the standing workstation will be a standout addition to your office.

High Quality Product
The Align, along with all TrueNorth height adjustable desks, either meet or exceed applicable ANSI/BIFMA standards of safety and reliability, so you can be assured that this desk is a well-made and high quality standing desk. Each desk is made in the US, and we use only top-of-the-line materials for each standup desk. In order to ensure that you get the best product, we offer a five-year limited warranty. We ensure that your height adjustable desk is in perfect working order.

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