June 24, 2015

The Versatile Corner Lift Standing Office Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

The Corner Lift is a great addition to any office environment. It can supplement existing office furniture, providing an ergonomic workspace for employees. These standing desks can also furnish an entire office area. The TrueNorth™ Curve Lift breaks the mold for commercial office desks. Its contemporary design is best suited to employees, their health needs, and for facilitating a creative and collaborative work environment.

Here are a couple features that make the TrueNorth™ Corner Lift the right fit for employees:

Interior Curve
Instead of having a traditional straight edge, the Corner Lift has a curved edge on the side facing the employee. Traditional desks only allow the employee to work facing one direction. And, if an employee wants to use either end of the desk, the person has to move the chair from side to side, which can become tiresome. The Corner Lift allows employees to change direction and use every part of the desk with just the swivel of a chair.

Central Stability
TrueNorth™ engineers crafted this desk with one central support leg. This feature provides optimal legroom while also creating a stable, ergonomic workspace. Not many desks are able to have a secure platform with one point of stability.

The majority of commercial office desks have two stability legs, one on either side. But employees aren’t able to have full range of motion because they are limited to what’s between the desk legs. The unique and specialized design of the Curve Lift allows for full range of motion while maintaining stability.

Squared Outer Edge
One of the unique elements about this desk is the outer edge. The 90-degree angle allows the standing desk to fit into any nook and cranny. Many commercial office desks are shaped as a rectangle, but the Corner Lift is built to take advantage of the corners that comprise all office spaces. And the versatility of the Corner Lift’s outer edge doesn’t stop there.

Two Corner Lifts can easily be placed next to each other with the edges lined up. Or, for serious employee collaboration, Corner Lifts can be placed into groups of four, creating one large circular workspace. This setup would redefine the term open office environment. Every desk could face toward the center along with all of the other desks. All four employees would be able to converse easily with each other. A traditional rectangular office desk can’t achieve this type of collaboration.

Learn more about the Corner Lift and other TrueNorth™ desks that are available.

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