November 16, 2016

The Expert’s Guide to the Standing Desk Lifestyle

by TrueNorth Desks

the-experts-guide-to-the-standing-desk-lifestyleIt’s been proven again and again that standing desks offer users health benefits that traditional, sitting-only desks do not. The rise in popularity of ergonomic office furniture is a testament to the quality of life that these sit to stand desks offer. It’s been said recently that sitting is the new smoking, and competitive, thoughtful corporations know that investing in healthier options for employees is an essential component in securing new and lasting talent. Standing desks from TrueNorth offer users a particular type of lifestyle, one that values health, productivity and creativity. Experts know that standing desks provide many positive qualities to users. Here are a few:


Sit to stand desks allow employees to move efficiently throughout the office, and support a collaborative environment among peers. Collaborative environments give employees a sense of responsibility and ownership over their work, and generally contribute to a more positive experience for co-workers. Encouraging a collaborative environment puts a lot of trust and confidence in your employees — they are expected to provide quality input and content and have opportunities throughout the day to participate in meaningful peer interactions. Employees that are encouraged to collaborate are generally happier in their jobs, which means they stick around longer and have positive attitudes.


When employees are encouraged to be collaborative throughout the workday, they also take on a healthy sense of competition with their co-workers. Office environments that foster competition see a healthier workflow through the space. Employees are more engaged and committed, and standing desks feed this mentality. Many offices will arrange the space to accommodate pod-like stations for employees to work at together. This use of sit to stand desks in a corporate environment allows for instant communication, increased productivity and a general sense of accomplishment throughout the office.


Standing desks offer employees an aesthetically pleasing space to work. Because there is a sit to stand feature, employees can choose which position they want for specific tasks. This gives the office more diversity and visual interest, and gives employees a sense of independence and autonomy. Employers that invest in standing desks are typically prone to encourage individuality in the workspace; employees can dress their desk how they please, which also contributes to a happier work environment.

Healthy Lifestyle

Most individuals who suffer from chronic pain point to the lower back and neck as problem areas. These injuries and joint fatigue have been linked, time and time again, to the prevalence of sitting for 40+ hours a week at the office. Employees who have the option to utilize sit to stand desks can alleviate lower back and neck pain and create healthier habits throughout the day. Individuals who use standing desks are less likely to snack throughout the day, and in general, stay more active.

At TrueNorth, we understand that investing in corporate office furniture can be a costly endeavor. We encourage you to browse our line of motorized standing desks to see which styles might best suite your office. Contact us today to learn more about our desks and to speak with a customer service representative about a quote.

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