November 6, 2015

The Growing Pains of Small Business and How to Address Them

by TrueNorth Desks

Your business is growing. Growth brings specific challenges, and some of them can sneak up on you before you know what hit you. Here are a few of the biggest pitfalls to look out for, and how to avoid them.

Bad hires
Your business is only ever going to be as good as the people that are in it. As a small business, the people you hire are even more important than in a big company. If you have a small team, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch very quickly. Making things worse is that because of close working relationships, small business owners often think of their employees as family, often allowing bad hires to hang around much longer than they should.

The sooner you come to the realization that not everybody you hire is going to work out, the better off your business will be. If people are dragging down the ship, cut the cord and sail on.

Too much focus on the business of being in business
When you’re just starting out, your business is building, or selling, or fixing whatever it is that you build, sell or fix. As you grow, you have to add all of the other extra stuff that comes along with growth. With all of those things comes a mountain of paperwork, seemingly endless human resource requirements, and huge logistical challenges. Unfortunately, all of those things take certain skills to do well, and those things might not match what you’re good at (which is the building, selling or fixing.)

Address this growing pain by doing two things: learning and hiring. As a small business owner you have to be in a constant state of self-education, soaking up every article, book and newsletter you can on the different aspects of business. But never be afraid to admit when you’re outside your skillset sweet spot. Instead, hire people who are smarter than you and get out of their way.

Changing culture
It’s very easy for small business owners to imprint their personality on their business. Easy-going owners make for easy-going companies, as even if they’re not intentional about doing it, they will naturally attract similar employees. But as a company grows, culture can shift, which can potentially take companies in a negative direction. Maybe when the business started, it was easy to feel energized by building something new, or being at the cutting edge of an industry, but over time, your workforce has gotten caught up in profit-focused money grabbing. This is a big problem!

A corporate culture reset can look like a lot of things. Sometimes it means introducing new employee benefits or overhauling personnel structure. Even your corporate office furniture can come into play. Trying to create a creative vibe? Consider ergonomic workstations. Looking for a health-friendly culture? Build it literally from the ground up by replacing your old furniture with standing desks. It might be just what you need to get your employees out of the same old rut and back to what made you successful in the first place.

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