February 12, 2016

The Perfect Sit to Stand Desk Depending on Your Work Style

by TrueNorth Desks

When you try to choose your favorite TrueNorth standing desk, it’s like trying to choose your favorite child. They are all special, unique and perfect in their own way. So if you are like us and struggle to figure out which TrueNorth height adjustable desk you want to take home with you, here’s a short quiz that will help match the right desk with your work style.  

Aspire: Great for “The Multi-Tasker”

Do you constantly have five web browsers open at once? And do you like having multiple projects on your plate? A multi-tasker like yourself can’t be limited to just one desktop, which is why the Aspire comes in handy. The tiered desktop provides two separate workspaces that operate independently from one another. This unique feature allows you to keep all your projects organized. Use one desktop for your primary task, and the other for the next one on your plate, and switch seamlessly between the two. However you choose to use it, the Aspire gives you a tremendous amount of freedom to craft your workspace just the way it works best for you.

Odyssey: The Right Fit for “The Collaborator”

During a job interview, do you regularly bring up “team player” as one of your best assets? You live by the motto, “Two heads are better than one,” and you are real popular among your coworkers, because you’re the only one who gets along with everyone. You’ll thrive with the TrueNorth Odyssey, which is one of the largest stand up desks we offer. It has plenty of room for coworkers to gather around and discuss ideas. It also features a 90-degree angle so it can be positioned with other desks—taking collaboration to the next level.

Studio Lift: Ideal for “The Time-Manager”

Are you a lover of to-do list? To the point where you will write down a task just so you can cross it off your list. And do you seamlessly move from one task to another with super human speed. Well, you need a standing desk that can be just as efficient as you. Our Studio Lift is the ticket. Its compact desktop will help you avoid letting papers and other clutter pile up, keeping your space organized and clean. It’s also perfectly suited to transition from a desk to a standing workstation, so you can have a quick meeting with coworkers and then move on to the next task.  
These are only three of our options, and all people might not fit into the categories above, so be sure to check out the other height adjustable desks we offer.

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