July 10, 2015

There’s Room to Spare with the TrueNorth Balance Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

The TrueNorth™ Balance standing desk provides room for employees to be creative without feeling confined or limited by their space. It’s the perfect height adjustable desk to spread your stuff out and make your own. From personal mementos, like pictures and knickknacks, to your work-related hodgepodge of gadgets, this desk can hold it all. Discover what makes this standing office desk a perfect pick for employees:


Employees are used to having a single surface to get their work done. But having only one area is limiting. The Balance standup desk is shaped in an “L” so it has two different work areas. The longer section is great for storing files and papers, getting organized, displaying personal mementos, and setting aside items that you don’t use on a regular basis. The shorter section is the perfect space for everyday work and for focusing on the task at hand. By having a desk that can serve various functions, it will help employees stay on top of what they need to get done.

Three Points of Stability

A desk can have all the bells and whistles but if it doesn’t have stability then all the extra features don’t matter. Three legs support the weight of this standing desk. Each leg is positioned in a specific spot to give it optimum strength and balance. Whether employees are typing away at their computer or writing by hand, the TrueNorth™ Balance desk is sure to provide the best stability.

Angled Outer Edge

This height adjustable desk has a 90-degree corner for its outer edge. This allows for a lot of versatility in where it can be positioned throughout the office. It can fit into office corners or be placed along a straight wall. To increase collaboration between employees, four Balance desks can be placed together to create one grouping. This creates an open environment for employees to talk to one another.

Openings for Electrical Cords

It’s a big pain trying to figure out how to organize the cords running from the outlet to the electronics on the desk. The cords often become a tangled mess, taking up valuable desk space. The Balance desk has four openings for electrical cords. The cords can run underneath the desk, instead of on top of the desk, to increase organization.

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