August 23, 2016

Things to Know Before You Transition to a Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

We already know that sitting all day is bad for your health. But before you make the transition from a traditional desk to a standing desk, we at True North Desks want you to have some idea of what to expect as you start on this great transition into a standing lifestyle. While standing for a good part of your day is certainly healthier than sitting for eight hours, it’s not best for your body to go straight from sitting all day to standing all day.

So here are a few things you may want to know before you transition into using a standing desk:

Start slow

If you decided you wanted to start running, would you wake up one morning, throw on your running shoes, and head out at full speed for miles and miles? Most of us wouldn’t! You would probably start out walking, run a little, and ease your way into running more and more each day. Our bodies are made to incrementally work up to more difficult athletic challenges, and the same goes for standing all day. If you try to stand for a full eight hours during your first day at your standing workstation, your body is going to feel it. Start off slowly. Stand for a little bit at a time and take some sitting breaks as you need them. This is where an adjustable height desk comes in handy. Squeeze in some exercises and stretches at your stand up desk to maintain your energy and flexibility.

Standing posture is just as important as sitting posture

Most of us have been told all of our lives to sit up straight, and the same rule goes for standing. Maintaining the proper posture while working at a standing desk will help your back and shoulders to stay strong and keep you from getting sore during the day. The proper standing desk height and placement of things like your laptop and lamps will also help your body to feel its best while standing.

Wear the proper wardrobe

When you move from a sitting desk to a standup desk, what you wear is important. Let’s start with shoes. Comfortable shoes are great, but supportive shoes are essential. Shoes with proper arch support will help you feel your best during the day. Keep those supportive shoes at your standing desk so that you can be sure you will have them every workday. Wear your fancier (most likely less comfortable) shoes into the office and keep them on hand for times you may need them, such as meetings with clients or when you are heading out to lunch.

Other than shoes, the rest of your wardrobe is full of possibilities. If you have a dress that you love to wear, but it gets wrinkled the second you sit down, that dress can go back in your office outfit rotation now that you are working at a standing desk. For men, sitting in a suit all day may be uncomfortable, but standing in one is not so bad. Find clothes and fabrics that are ideal for standing in most of the day.
When you’re ready to make the transition to an adjustable height desk, True North Desks has many standing desk styles to choose from. Check out our standing desk brochure to find the right True North Desk for however you work.

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