August 4, 2016

Three More Ways to Recharge Away from Your Standing Desk This Weekend

by TrueNorth Desks

We have already talked a little bit about some ways that you can spend your weekend recharging after working all week at your standing desk. Using your weekends as time for yourself is key to being successful and productive while you are at work. It can be difficult for some people to really let go of work and focus on themselves and their relationships during the weekend. We at True North Desks understand just how stressful work can be and how much we all need some downtime. Below are some more ideas for you to try out this weekend to be sure that you are relaxed and recharged when you head back to your standing desk on Monday.

Just say no

Saying no can be really hard for some of us. If you are a people pleaser, you may find yourself saying yes to things that you don’t really want to do. Even worse, you may not have the time to do them or the emotional and mental energy to do these things well. The first step to saying no is learning how you recharge. If you spend your week at your stand up desk collaborating with others, but you need alone time to recharge, then you have to learn to say no to some social activities on the weekends. If you have worked late at your standing workstation every night this week and really depend on sleep, then saying no to late night hangouts is key to recharging.

Plan a staycation

Often, traveling on the weekends takes too much of a toll on our sleep, stress levels, and time. Planning a staycation is a great way to do some new activities without spending time in the car and money on gas or a plane ticket. Explore areas of your city that you have never been to before. Maybe there is a new restaurant you’ve wanted to try, or a trail that you haven’t hiked yet. Stroll around downtown or go antiquing and boutiquing. With the amount of time that work takes up during the week, the weekends are the best time to explore all of the fun things your city has to offer.

Completely unplug

This can be truly challenging, and the opposite of our tip to binge watch your favorite show! But think about how you spend your week at your standup desk. Are you on your smartphone and your computer most of the day? Do you go home after work and watch TV or scroll on your Ipad? Start small by spending just one afternoon or one morning completely unplugged. Put your phone in a drawer or turn it off completely, resist the urge to turn on the TV, and don’t get out your iPad. Read a book, go for a walk, listen to music, or grab lunch with a friend, all without your phone in hand. Not only is this a great rest for your eyes, but it’s a good rest for your mind, too. Without the influx of pictures, posts, and endless information from the internet, you’re able to focus on what’s at hand, whether it’s a friend, a book, or enjoying the quiet. Slowly build up to more and more unplugged time over your weekends. You will learn to crave the quiet after you get used to it.
Working at standing desks is great for your energy levels, but adding a few of these wind-down activities to your weekend will energize you even more. If you don’t already use a standing desk at work, check out the many options at True North Desks. Healthy living at work starts at a standing desk.

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