September 27, 2016

Tips on Starting an Office Job at a Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Starting any new job comes with its own uncertainties. Whether you are just graduating from college or graduate school, moving from one company to another, or going from a freelance or work at home job into an office setting, the transition can be difficult. We at True North Desks want to get you started out on the right foot with a few tips on how to make the transition to your new office job as seamless as possible.

Make your space your own

When you start at your new job, you may feel uncomfortable settling in too quickly. But the sooner you settle into life at your standing desk in your new office, the sooner you can get to work. Bring in some of the things that you loved from your previous working situation, whether that was your standup desk at home or at another job. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to make a cold or stuffy office space feel more relaxed and cozy. Place a picture or two on your standing workstation, or even hang a print of your favorite saying. Not only will personalizing your space help you feel more at home, it will also let those who hired you know that you are in it for the long-haul.

Ask questions on the front-end

Before you begin your new job, you may already know what is expected of you as far as the work goes. But you may not know about some of the subtleties of your new office space. In order to ease some of your anxiety on your first day, get that information before you start. Find out the general dress code for work. Is there a break room where you can eat lunch at the office, or do people tend to eat out most days? Ask what time you are expected to arrive to the office and how late you will be expected to stay. These questions will help you prepare for your first few days and let your employer know that you are ready to meet or exceed their expectations.

Make new friends

This may be especially difficult in the workplace if you have been working from home for some time. But now that you are working in an office environment, it is important to understand the social component that comes with that. You will likely be with your coworkers for 8 or more hours a day, so making some friends is key to staying happy at work. Standing desks are ideal for encouraging mingling during downtime. Grab your coffee mug and refill your coffee when you see others headed to the breakroom. Ask coworkers if they want to leave their stand up desks and head out for lunch together, or get a group together to organize an office-wide happy hour. Having a few friends at work is one way to be sure you love going into the office each day.
Whether you are just starting out as a business professional, or have been working at an office for many years, standing desks should be part of your day. Working at an adjustable height desk is a healthy choice for any office. Check out our many styles and request our True North Desks brochure for more information.

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