January 15, 2017

Top Accessories to Keep Your Standing Desk Organized

by TrueNorth Desks

The New Year is a time for many individuals to focus on breaking old habits. People are eager to embrace healthier, more productive ways of thinking and living, and organization plays a huge role in that. Personal organizers work with clients to create concrete plans for tackling the many areas of life. If you aren’t able to work with a personal organizer this year, do not fear! We here at TrueNorth are as equally committed to organization; our brand is built around ergonomic office furniture that enhances quality of life. Here are 5 Accessories that Will Keep Your Standing Desk Organized:


Embrace the timer this year. Setting consistent intervals of intense work and deep relaxation throughout your work day allows you to accomplish more and strengthen your productivity muscles. Use a simple timer on your phone or desktop, or invest in a fashionable egg timer or kitchen timer to set on your standing desk. Set yourself up for success with 45 minutes “on” and 5 minutes “off” as you make your way through various tasks.


Instead of attempting to drown out white noise in your office environment, contribute to it! Add quality speakers to your programmable sit to stand desk and use them to provide motivating sounds and tunes to your office environment. If sharing music isn’t your thing, invest in a good pair of headphones. Leave your wiry earbuds in your bag for the bus, and use noise-enhancing and comfortable headphones while at your standing desk.

Ergonomic Accessories

If you’re not already using an ergonomically sound keyboard and mouse, make that change immediately. It’s important that you are taking care of your neck and lower back. If you are hunched over a computer, you are creating poor health habits for yourself. At TrueNorth, we recommend that office workers aim to work standing up at least 4-5 hours each day. Our whisper-quiet, adjustable height standing desk allows users to move seamlessly through sitting and standing every day.

Trays & Files

Keep your standing desk organized with a proper filing system. Color-coded binders, desktop trays, and sorted files give you the opportunity to always know where your materials are. Your standing desk is, in some ways, and extension of your home. You spend a lot of time at it! Make sure that you give it the same treatment and care that you would give your living room or a storage closet.

Cleaning Routine

Take time every week to clean your workspace. Wipe down the surface on your standing desk and clear away any unwanted papers or materials. Set up a new calendar for the upcoming week and empty your workspace of an empty coffee mugs or food containers. Make sure that you leave your standing desk area clean and ready for a new week.

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TrueNorth has created a line of desks that are ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Our standing desks allow users the flexibility to easily choose between standing and sitting options, and our design options make something available for every line of work. Our team of customer service representatives are able to help you determine the right standing desk for your office place. Contact us today to learn more about how you can own a standing desk.

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