January 21, 2016

Top Health Apps to Pair With Your Sit to Stand Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Sit to stand desks are the best first step if you are looking to improve your health. You’ll be able to burn calories and lose weight during work. After seeing all your progress from using your height adjustable desk, you may feel more motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle outside of work. To help you in this area, we’ve listed three high-ranking, health/fitness apps.


During grocery store trips, you may have every intention to fill your cart with lots of greens, fruits and healthy snacks. But once you get there and you see that bag of chips, all of your good intentions fly out the window. Fooducate is an app that will keep you accountable during your trips. Just scan the barcode of the food item and fooducate will give it a nutrition letter grade, based on ingredients, nutritional values, and how processed the item is. It will help you make smart food choices by telling you exactly how good or bad something is for you. Free to download on iPhone and Android.


Eating out can be a real diet buster. Most restaurants don’t provide any nutrition information for their food, so it can be challenging to pick healthy foods. And many menu items may look healthy but aren’t really. HealthyOut is a brilliant tool that helps you make good food decisions at restaurants. It allows you to search menus from local restaurants in 500 cities and use filters like “high protein” or “low calorie” in your search. You won’t have to sacrifice meals out on the town because of your diet, and you’ll be able to order with confidence with this app. Free to download on iPhone and Android.


Are you the type of person who spends countless hours playing candy crush or other app games on your phone? Well this fitness app is for you. It’s set up so you can log your workouts (the type of exercises you’ve accomplished along with the number of reps and sets). As you log more and more workouts, you’ll receive points and unlock new achievements. Not only is it great motivation, it turns working out into a fun video game. Free on iPhone and Android; requires in-app purchases

These apps are the perfect combination to our TrueNorth stand up desks. Don’t have a motorized standing desk yet? Contact us or request a brochure to get started on the path to better health.

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