January 23, 2017

Top Professions to Benefit from Standing Desks

by TrueNorth Desks

Instead of insisting on what’s always been done, today’s employees are finding opportunities to enjoy and thrive while at work. Gone are the days of punching a clock, and today’s employers are looking for ways to help employees embrace a well-rounded lifestyle. Standing desks are a great resource for office employees, as they provide variety throughout the day and lead to more productivity and overall health. Standing desks can be utilized by many different types of people, and it’s important to consider whether this ergonomic style of office furniture would contribute to your healthier lifestyle. Here are 4 Professions that Benefit from Standing Desks:

Customer Service Representatives

For professionals responsible for office administrative duties and interfacing with customers, a standing desk becomes an asset to daily life. Customer service representatives are responsible for a myriad of tasks, and it’s helpful to have a wider range of motion that comes with a standing desk. They can quickly move between tasks and interact effortlessly with customers. The motorized sit to stand desk function on our standing desk also allows users to easily move from standing to seated options, allowing for more autonomy and a consistent routine in each day.

Digital Creators

Web developers, graphic designers and all types of editors spend most of their work day looking at a screen. Finding ergonomic office furniture is extremely important for these types of employees. We often see cases of lower back and neck pain, hunched shoulders and eye strain in individuals in these fields. Standing desks allow users to develop healthier habits while at work. The consistent use of standing desks often leads to lower cholesterol, more calories burned, and decrease in obesity and heart-disease.

Hands-on Craftsman

For individuals who work with their hands and take advantage of a variety of tools, a standing desk allows for more workshop space. It’s easier to maneuver through your shop if you aren’t also dealing with a chair, and standing with your work allows you to access more surface space. Give yourself more room in your workshop to work, and remove unnecessary chairs. Chances are, you are standing up and manipulating materials most of the time, and a higher standing desks removes the need to bend down and hunch your shoulders.


There is little time in the classroom for a teacher to sit down. They are constantly moving through the room, and the building, and the idea of a seated desk is archaic. Teachers need to be able to access their phone, computer, and desktop materials quickly, and then move onto the next thing. A TrueNorth standing desk allows educators this flexibility, while also offering a programmable, adjustable height that gives them a chance to sit down on breaks or at the end of the day.

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At TrueNorth, we believe that our line of standing desks work with the human body to ensure optimal ergonomic support, and therefore more energy. For many professions, it’s essential that quality office furniture is used to promote productivity and healthy. If you or your employees are looking for more positive furniture options, we encourage you to strongly consider how standing desks could impact your office culture. Contact us today to learn more about our standing desks and to get started on your first order.

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