August 3, 2015

Transform Your Office Space with TrueNorth Standing Desks

by TrueNorth Desks

TrueNorth standing desks are distinctly different from each other and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and dimensions. Our wide selection of height adjustable desks ensures that we can provide a desk that’s specific to your needs. You can mix and match different types of TrueNorth standup desks to create an office floor that’s innovative and unique.

When you’re thinking about your office layout, here are a couple ways that TrueNorth height adjustable desks can benefit your office:

Create Group Stations
Our standup desks are ideal for creating group stations or pods for employees. With traditional rectangular desks, you’re only able to position two employees across from each other. Our TrueNorth adjustable height desks can form groupings of up to four employees. Due to the unique design of TrueNorth desks, like the Odyssey and Balance, you can position four standing workstations together and form one large pod. This setup facilitates a more collaborative and communication-focused office environment.

Maximize Office Area
The size range of our sit to stand desks allows for any company to take advantage of our product. Whether you are a smaller company with a tighter space or a company with hundreds of employees and tons of office area to fill, there are unique options and desk groupings to fit your needs and still work within your space. Smaller companies don’t need massive desks taking up valuable room, which is why we offer the Studio Lift and Corner Lift, which are functional and compact standing workstations. If you have significant square footage, then make use of that space by filling it with the Odyssey or Balance, two desks that give employees tons of room to work.

Go the Traditional Route
Not all offices can look like they are a tech startup company with contemporary desk groupings scattered throughout the office. Your company may need to have a more traditional look and organization for the space. We provide desks that have a traditional vibe but still have cool features such as height adjustments. The TrueNorth Ascend would be an excellent choice if you want to go this route. It has the standard, rectangular workspace but has all the awesome features you can expect from TrueNorth.

Whether you are looking to fill one office floor or an entire building, our stand up desks can create a work environment that your employees will love. Contact us to learn more and be sure to check out our individual desks.

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