July 14, 2015

Ascend: The Standing Desk for Every Company

by TrueNorth Desks

The TrueNorth Ascend is the perfect desk for companies transitioning to standing workstations. Due to the rectangle shape, the Ascend’s design is similar to desks many employees already use, so it will feel comfortable and familiar. Yet the Ascend has the capability to move from an ordinary sitting desk to a more health conscious standing workstation.

Learn more about the other features this standup desk has to offer:

Simple and Sleek Design
The design of this standup desk is excellent for employees who don’t want anything over-the-top. This standing desk is a workhorse that gets the job done. It’s made of a single rectangular desktop with sturdy legs on either side. The simplicity of the design allows employees to make it their own, using the space in whatever capacity they need. Everything—their computer, files, etc.—is positioned right in front of them so it makes it easy for them to get everything they need with ease.

Ability to Customize
Each company has a different style, and office furniture should be a reflection of that style. With the TrueNorth Ascend, you have the ability to customize the desk to your personal preference as both the desktop and legs come in a variety of colors. You’ll be able to select between white, maple or black for the desktop, and either slate or black for the desk legs. You can also customize the size of the desk. The width of the Ascend is available in 12” increments ranging from 48”- 96” and the depth of the desk is available in either 30” or 36”.

Height Versatility
Employees come in all sizes, and at TrueNorth, we want to ensure that our desks will fit any employee’s needs, whether sitting or standing. TrueNorth standup desks offer versatility in their adjustment height. The Ascend has an adjustment range of 24.5” to 50.5,” so it can lower to a sitting position or rise to a height that’s comfortable for any standing employee.

Plenty of Legroom
If employees decide to sit at the height adjustable desk, the design of the Ascend allows for optimal legroom. It has two legs supporting each side of the desk so employees can stretch out their legs or move them from side to side while remaining uninhibited. There’s also enough room for employees to place ergonomic leg rests or supports while they are sitting.

If you are interested in learning more about the TrueNorth Ascend desk, feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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