July 22, 2015

TrueNorth Aspire Offers Two Standing Desks in One

by TrueNorth Desks

Your day at the office can change in an instant. You may get pulled into an impromptu meeting, get handed a last minute task, or have to eat lunch at your desk because you have too much to do. The TrueNorth Aspire is the desk that can transform into whatever you need. It’s truly versatile.
Find out what makes this standup desk so special:

Desktop Versatility
This standing workstation can transition from a sitting to a standing desk, as well as change its workspace from a tiered setup to a large, single area. The standup desk’s tiered design provides two separate desktops. Each desktop operates on separate height adjustable legs and act independently from each other. One tier can be higher than the other, creating the perfect setup for a computer and keyboard. But if you need a little extra elbow room, both desktops can be adjusted to the same height and used as one solid workspace.

Built for Comfort
The Aspire is specifically designed to provide you with the maximum amount of comfort. The standing desk has a wide height range, from 24.5” to 50.5,” so that you can find your perfect height. If you decide to use the tier option, you can adjust the top tier so that it’s directly in your line of sight while the second tier can lower to a height that fits the natural resting place for your arms. You won’t need to lower or lift your head to see the computer screen, reducing the tension in your neck.

Adjusts Height with Ease
This standing workstation features a simple and straightforward electronic system that controls the height of the desk. You only have to touch the up or down arrow and the height adjustable desk raises and lowers smoothly. The motor is whisper quiet, so neither you nor your coworkers will be disturbed while the standup desk changes its height. There’s also a digital display that shows how high the desk is raised so you can see what height the desk feels most comfortable to you. But that’s not all. You can program a specific height into the desk settings so the Aspire will remember your personal preference.

See what different color options are available for the Aspire standup desk.

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