January 25, 2016

Want to Make Your Own Standing Desk?

by TrueNorth Desks

As standing desks have gained popularity, they’ve begun popping up in offices across the country. They are often a great solution for people who suffer from neck or back pain. Perhaps you’ve considered using one, but your company isn’t ready to invest in standing desks. Or you want to see what it’s like before forking over the money yourself. All of this has led you to think: Should I just build my own height adjustable desk? There are a couple positives and negatives to going this route. We’ll give you the lowdown about crafting a DIY standing desk:

A Cheap Version of a Sit to Stand Desk

If you already have a desk and you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into making it into a standing desk, there are a few inexpensive solutions, many of which you can find around your house. A box, small step stool or small table could easily be placed on top of your desk to elevate your laptop or monitor.

The important thing is to find something that’s sturdy and the right height. Your eyes should be able to look straight ahead at the monitor while you are standing, and ideally, your keyboard should be at a position where your arms are at a 90-degree angle.  We’d recommend not using this type of DIY desk as a permanent solution. Instead, use it for a few weeks to see if it’s something you’d be interested in. Keep in mind that a TrueNorth standing desk will be way more comfortable than a DIY desk.

A Fancier DIY Version

There are other options available to transform a normal desk into a standing one that either require more money or time. You can construct your own shelving system that attaches to your original desk, which has a place for both your monitor and keyboard. But you’d need some experience with woodworking in order to accomplish this. A first-time craftsman may find this too difficult of an undertaking.

Stores also sell a pre-made version that you can just set on your desk. It will be sturdier and more of the right height than your cheaper DIY versions. However, many of them run upwards of $100-$130, which is money you could put towards a motorized standing desk. They also are designed for the general masses, so it won’t be customized to your specific height requirements. And lastly, they aren’t motorized. So when you want to transition from standing to sitting, you’ll have to take it off the desk. This may not seem like a big hassle but when you have to do it a few times each day, five days a week—it will get old.

Why You Should Consider Investing in TrueNorth

Our sit to stand desks are designed so that you can adjust your desk to the right height whether standing or sitting—making it easier and more comfortable. You can transition from a standing position to a sitting one with a mere push of a button. An investment in one of our height adjustable desks is an investment into your health. Get started today by checking out our line of desks and by contacting us.

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