August 29, 2016

Ways to Boost Your Creativity at Work

by TrueNorth Desks

Brainstorming innovative ideas at work can be difficult, even when it is part of your daily job. Some days are full of distractions that keep you from the quiet time you need to get your creative juices flowing. Other times, you just don’t feel like you’re in the right frame of mind or awake enough to get there.

Here are a few tips from True North Desks on how you can boost your creativity at work:

Work at a standing desk

An office full of standing desks is an office that is set up to spur creativity in its employees. Standing desks allow employees to feel more collaborative with each other. This time of collaboration and sharing of ideas can lead to impactful innovations for the company. Many creative people become energized when they are around others who share similar ideas and thought patterns. Standing workstations make an environment conducive to employees mentally thriving.

Let your mind wander

When your mind is stuck on a task, it can be hard to think creatively. Take some quiet time during your work day to think freely and forget about your list of to-dos. An adjustable height desk will allow you to sit down and relax at certain moments during the day, giving you ample time to daydream effectively.

Use a pen and paper

We spend so much time looking at screens and typing that it can be energizing to sit down with a pen and paper. The simple task of writing things down in a tangible way can spark something in your brain.

Get out of the office

Getting outside is another way to boost your creativity. Being in nature stimulates all of your senses, giving you more energy and a new perspective. If you are working in a group, leave your screen and your stand up desk to take a walking meeting. You may be surprised at the ways people tend to open up and share new ideas when they can feel the breeze and aren’t confined to the four walls of the office.


Exercise is important for so many areas of your life, and it can benefit your ideas by loosening your body and freeing up some mental space. So whether you need to do some quick exercises at your standup desk while you’re working on solving a problem or you can fit in a regular exercise routine, get your body moving to get those ideas flowing.

Listen to some music

Sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves and listen to our favorite music. Music you love can improve your mood and help you feel more creative. Whether you love rock, jazz, classical, or pop music, put on those headphones and take a few minutes to escape into another world. Check out some of our favorite music to listen to while at your standing desk.
When you’re ready to encourage more creativity and collaboration in your office, check out our standing desk brochure to see all of the styles and features we offer at True North Desks.

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