August 21, 2015

Ways to Increase Focus in the Workplace

by TrueNorth Desks

Who wouldn’t want to be more focused and productive at work? It means more tasks accomplished and less time at the office. But that’s easier said than done. One great option is to invest in TrueNorth motorized standing desks. Our sit to stand desks are specifically designed for an employee’s optimum comfort and functionality. It’s suited to enhance an employee’s performance at work.
In addition to our standing desks, here are a few tips on how you and your coworkers can stay more focused at work:

Delegate and Ask for Help
Micromanaging is a term we all know too well, but this can kill productivity around the office. Managers need to be able to delegate tasks to their teams and then give each individual the space to accomplish those tasks. If managers are constantly worried about their staff then they will never have time to get their own work done. Delegating also applies to non-managers as well. Employees need to be able to ask for help if they get stuck on a specific problem or if they are maxed out on their workload. A team operates best when each person has a full workload. If only certain people have a lot of work while others don’t, then it’s going to slow down productivity.

Be Meeting-Exclusive
How many times have you walked out of a meeting thinking, “That could’ve been shorter.” Or “Was it necessary for me to even be there?” Chances are everyone has had that thought at one time or another. The problem with meetings is that, most of the time, no actual work is getting accomplished, and they can suck away valuable time during the workday. So when you do decide to have a meeting, be selective about who’s involved so you don’t waste people’s time. If some important information is released in the meeting, you can always send a follow-up email afterward to those who need to hear it.

Brevity is also key to increasing productivity in a meeting. TrueNorth standing workstations are a perfect resource for accomplishing this. Our standup desks can transform into a standing meeting space where coworkers can easily gather around. And since everyone will be standing at the ergonomic workspace, employees will be more likely to finish up the meeting quickly.

Stay On Top of the To-do List
To-do lists may seem like an antiquated method, but there’s a reason why they’ve hung around for all these years. It’s a simple step that can help you remain focused and productive throughout the workday. We’d advise having a daily to-do list that features items you want to accomplish that day. Put the most important tasks at the top of the list and tackle those first before moving on to another.
If you have a big project that you are working on, break it up into small, daily tasks so that you can continue to make progress on the project. If you have a height adjustable desk, make sure to display the to-list in a visible spot so you’ll be able to reference it regularly throughout the day.

If you incorporate these tips along with TrueNorth height adjustable desks into the workplace, you’ll see a huge boost in productivity around the office. Increased productivity is just one benefit to height adjustable desks, here are a few others.

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