February 5, 2016

Ways to Personalize Your Height Adjustable Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

At TrueNorth, we are all about helping you personalize your desk area to fit your particular style. That’s why we carry an extensive line of standing desks with various designs and colors so you can customize it to fit you. Once you have your height adjustable desk, there are some great ways to make it feel even more like your space. Here are four ideas to personalize your standup desk.   

Souvenirs from Trips

Set up a couple of your favorite trip souvenirs around your desktop. Every time you look at them you can remember the fun time you had on your vacation. Plus, it will help you look forward to the next vacation you are going to take.

Pictures of Loved Ones

Being apart from your loved ones during work can be tough. But setting up pictures of your friends and family can help you feel connected to them at the office. You’ll get a boost of happiness whenever you glance at the pictures, and it’s a great reminder as to why you work as hard as you do.  

Drawings from Your Children

Your children make drawings as a way to show you how special you are to them. So why not display those in an area that you spend time in each day. Like the family pictures, it will help you feel close and connected to your kids. And when your kids come to visit your work area, they’ll be really excited to see their artwork displayed.

A Funny or Thoughtful Phrase

If you have a phrase or saying that you particularly love, print it out in fancy font and place it in a cool or unique frame. Set that on your standing desk to make it feel more like your space. An inspirational phrase can help you stay motivated when work is particularly stressful. Or a funny phrase could give you and your desk visitors a nice chuckle.

Set Out Some Greenery

You can easily liven up your area by setting out a plant or some greenery. It will add some color to your space and green plants are known to be an energy and mood booster. If you aren’t sure that you want to spend the time caring for a plant, there are plenty of plant types that are easy to care for, like succulents.

If you are interested in a TrueNorth standing desk, check out the different styles and colors available.

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