August 2, 2016

Ways to Recharge After a Long Week at Your Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

No matter how good of a fit your job may be, your work week can still create all kinds of challenges and feelings of stress. Whether you had a great week or a tough week, we all look forward to the weekends in order to unwind and recharge, since we know that Monday will quickly be back upon us.

Even if you’re doing all the right things during your workday, like working at a standing desk, exercising at your standing workstation, eating healthy snacks, and drinking enough water, we all still need time away from the office to clear our heads. But even when we are away from our stand up desk and the demands of work, it can be hard to truly detach on Saturday and Sunday. We at True North Desks have some fun ideas on how you can step away from your standup desk for the weekend in order to come back better and more energized on Monday morning.

Cook a good meal

During the work week, it can be really tough to eat healthy, much less cook a good meal for yourself. You may be eating at restaurants, getting takeout, or surviving on frozen pizza during the week. But on the weekends, take one night to try out a new recipe. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it certainly can be if it helps you unwind. Find a recipe that you want to tackle, take a long, relaxing trip to the market, and get cooking. If you want to use this time to reconnect with friends, host a dinner party and serve your new dish. Ask friends to bring appetizers or wine so that you can focus on the main course. Cooking can be therapeutic and healthy. Adding in time with friends will certainly recharge you emotionally.

Get organized

Clutter in your home can really weigh on you mentally, whether you realize it or not. Is there a closet that is so stuffed you can’t even open the door? Or is your pantry full of empty boxes and expired foods? Maybe your clothes closet is full of items you no longer wear. Choose one big area to clean out and organize this weekend. Keep a box nearby to toss in things that can be donated. The feeling of decluttering plus giving things away will help you to feel accomplished, in control and more relaxed.


Yes, TV! Some of us have a hard time unplugging from work even when we are away from our standing desks. While cooking and organizing can be very useful ways to unwind, you may find your mind wandering back to work. Some of us need a bigger distraction that allows us to leave our own little world for a while and enter into the world of our favorite fictional characters. Take an afternoon (or a day or two) and binge watch your favorite show. This is especially helpful if you find yourself wanting to binge watch during the week, which can disrupt your sleep routine depending on the show content. Catch up on your shows during the weekend and leave your weeknights open for reading, exercise and sleep.
Try out one or more of these three ways to unwind and recharge this weekend. They are sure to give you some much needed rest and allow you to be more productive next week. If you aren’t already working at a stand up desk, check out our standing desk brochure. We have several standing desk styles and more information on how working at a True North Desk is good for your health, energy, and productivity.

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