August 16, 2016

Ways to Stay Active While Working at a Standing Desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Most people work at least eight hours per day, and many spend extra hours at their jobs. If you’re one of these hard workers, how exactly are you supposed to stay fit and healthy when you are spending most of your day inside an office?

One of the most effective ways to maintain good health while at work is to make the switch to a standing desk. Standing desks keep your body from the inactivity that occurs when you work at a traditional sitting desk. Healthy living at work starts with an adjustable height desk.

Now, let’s look at some ways, other than just working at your standup desk, that you can stay fit while still working long hours.

Ditch the elevator

When you come into the office in the mornings, it’s natural to go straight to your elevators, push the button, stand and wait, ride it up to your floor, then head to your desk. Once you are in the habit of riding the elevator, it can seem unnatural to change. You may not even know where your building’s stairs are! But today is the day to start new and healthy habits. If you work on a relatively low floor, skip the elevator altogether and take the stairs. Remember to pack some comfortable shoes for your trek up the stairwell. If you work in a highrise building and your office is on one of the top floors, take the stairs for a few flights, then hop on the elevator for the rest. Each week you may find yourself adding more and more stairs to your climb.

Go for a walk

You may find that you have some coworkers who also want to get fit at work. If this is the case, then start up a walking group. It’s healthy to take breaks from staring at your computer all day, so set your timers and get together to either take a ten minute walk outside, or simply walk the halls of your building. Not only will you all be more energized during the day, you will get to know your coworkers better, leading to a happier workplace.

In addition to a walking group, take every chance you get to walk around your office. When you have to send something to the printer, send it to the furthest printer from your stand up desk. Refill your reusable water bottle many times a day, which will also add some walks to the kitchen or bathroom. Instead of meeting in the conference room with a few people, set up a walking meeting.

Switch out your chair

When you work at an adjustable height desk, you can take advantage of those times when you want to sit. But rather than sitting in a traditional office chair that causes all of your muscles to relax, opt for an exercise ball instead. Your feet and legs will still get the break they need after standing at your standing workstation, but your core and shoulders will stay engaged, helping you to gain strength simply while sitting.
It can be hard to squeeze traditional workouts into an already packed schedule. Standing desks are a great addition to your healthy work habits. True North Desks has many styles of standing desks to choose from, and one that is sure to suit your daily needs. Request our brochure for more information on how healthy living at work starts with a standing desk.

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