February 17, 2016

What Greenery Should you Pair with your Standing Desk?

by TrueNorth Desks

Most of your time during the week is spent at work. Whether you are in your office eight hours a day or you get to spend a little bit of your time outside of four walls, most of us are at a desk for a large amount of our lives. Hopefully, you have an adjustable height desk that allows your body some freedom to move from sitting to standing easily. But there is an additional way to improve your mood, even at your standing desk. Greenery on and around your standing desk has many added benefits. Even just seeing plant life while you are bound inside all day can ease your mood and help you relax. Indoor plants also create cleaner air. So here is a short list of some of our favorite choices for office plants for your stand up desk.


Succulents are ideal for an office setting because they are very easy to keep alive. When you take a vacation, you probably won’t have to ask a coworker to water your succulents while you are gone. They range in size, but are definitely small enough that you can line up several on your standing office desk. They come in soft colors that really reflect the outdoors. Try adding a small cluster of succulents to your desk and see how quickly it improves your mood.

Peace Lily

The name says it all here, doesn’t it? Certainly a peace lily can help calm your office environment any day of the week. Peace lilies are recommended for those spaces that do not have much natural light. If you are surrounded by four walls with few or no windows, a peace lily is a beautiful option for your indoor plant. Peace lilies are also known for their air-purifying abilities. So if you are feeling a bit stifled during the day, your peace lily will truly bring a breath of fresh air.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a great choice for stand up desks because it is best showcased as a hanging plant. Find a cool pot and hang the spider plant near the corner of your desk for your whole office to enjoy.


Last but not least is the Dracaena. This is a taller plant, so only head this direction if you are ready to make a big statement. A tall plant like this will look amazing next to your standing desk and will really bring some life to your office space. They thrive well in low light conditions and with little water. As long as you have the space between your standing workstation and a coworker’s, taller plants are a beautiful addition to any office.
Now that we have your plant options covered, be sure you have the right standing desk for your office needs. Request a True North brochure to get started.

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