April 5, 2016

What to wear while working at your standing desk

by TrueNorth Desks

Who are you wearing? It’s a question we associate with celebrities on the red carpet. But the question of “what should I wear” is one that we each have to ask ourselves everyday. Whether you are a man who wears a suit to work each day, or one who loves casual Fridays, how you dress is important. For women, if you work in a corporate environment and also wear suit attire each day or if you work in a more creative field where you can dress more casual, working at a standing desk just may change how you view your wardrobe.

By choosing to work at a stand up desk, you have already let your company know that you care about your health. Spending your workdays at a standing workstation benefits your overall health, energy, and productivity. In order for you to feel comfortable and confident working at your standing desk, let’s take a quick look at some wardrobe rules for standing desks.

Don’t limit your fabric choices

If you are used to spending your days sitting down at a traditional desk, you have probably avoided wrinkle heavy fabrics such as linen. Linen pants, shirts, and even linen dresses will look like a wrinkly mess after sitting for even a short time at your traditional desk. Now that Spring is here, you can feel free to wear linen from head to toe! Your clothes will stay crisp and clean when you spend most of your day standing rather than sitting.

Keep it tailored

When you are standing for most of your day, it is important to be sure that your clothes are properly tailored. Invest a little bit of time and money and take your pants and jackets to a local tailor to have them fitted. When your pants cuff hits your shoe just right, you will look much more put together when standing. Jackets should also be tailored to look their best.

Skirt length is important whether you are standing or sitting. When you were sitting all day, you may not have been comfortable sitting in a high waisted skirt. But when you work at a standing desk, a high waisted skirt is a chic option that will also be comfortable during your workday.

Keep your shoes low

This is going to be a little easier for our male standing desk users. But even a low dress shoe for a man may feel uncomfortable after a whole day of standing. For women, if you are set on high heels, keep a pair of more comfortable shoes at your standing workstation.

If your office environment allows it, men and women should try to wear either tennis shoes, comfort shoes, or barefoot shoes while working at their standing desks. Wearing these types of shoes will allow you to receive all of the benefits of working at a standing desk while keeping foot pain at bay. When it is time to head out to a lunch meeting or a meeting in your office, slip back into your dressier work shoes.
Spending your work days at an adjustable height desk means that you have more flexibility in your wardrobe, among the other amazing benefits. Request a brochure from True North Desks to see the several desk style options offered that are sure to suit any office environment.

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