October 20, 2016

Why Creative Professionals Benefit from Standing Desks

by TrueNorth Desks

true-north-stand-up-desks-maximize-productivity-in-home-officeCareers in the creative field make up an increasingly large number of the job market. Corporations are constantly on the lookout for creative talent to join their firms, and in-house design and web studios are able to offer six figure salaries in some of the most competitive regions of the country. Ensuring that your creative workforce is happy, healthy and enjoying work is essential in the competitive marketplace. Standing desks go a long way in benefiting employees, and especially those in the creative fields. Here are a few ways that stand up desks increase employee satisfaction:

Ownership of Space

Standing desks allow much more room for employees to move about and remain comfortable in their work space. The TrueNorth adjustable height desks allow users to seamlessly move between a sitting and standing desk. Creative employees are happiest when they have a sense of personal investment and ownership over their work and their space. By providing employees with a sit to stand desk, you show them that you value their environment. Employees will be able to decorate their standing desk as desired, and use the motorized standing desk function as they see fit.

Ergonomic Support

Creative professionals are seeing an increase in medical bills as they have lower back pain, neck pain, poor eye vision and arthritic ailments. Working at a computer or over a desk shouldn’t be so physically brutal for employees; unfortunately, many companies refuse to reevaluate their office environments. Investing in ergonomic office furniture is an essential step to attracting and securing creative talent. These employees will be able to work more attentively if they have the ability to adjust their standing desks to accommodate their specific body type.

Greater Collaborative Action

Standing desks generally allow for more movement within the office. Individuals are able to easily navigate the maze of tables and chairs to quickly find peers and collaborators. The design and creative community requires a great deal of interconnectivity and support. Employees that are able to freely move about and gather necessary information, are going to be happier and more productive during the work day.

Increased Productivity

Standing desks allow for a greater flow of work in the office environment. Employees are more focused and in tune with their surroundings when working behind a sit to stand desk, as opposed to a more traditional desk. Creative individuals thrive in this kind of environment – not only do they have more energy and space to complete assignments, creative employees working in a standing desk environment are also motivated by their working peers. Click here to read our TrueNorth blog post about how to increase productivity in the workplace.

At TrueNorth, we specialize in creating ergonomic office furniture. Our premier series of stand up desks are built to provide comfort and stability for workplace employees. For designers and illustrators, consider the spacious TrueNorth Balance desk. Programmers will enjoy the TrueNorth Corner Lift, which easily can fit multiple computer screens. Contact TrueNorth today to learn more about our selection of sit to stand desks.

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