November 5, 2016

Why Standing and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

by TrueNorth Desks

Why-Standing-and-Productivity-Go-Hand-in-HandMost everyone wants to find ways to get more done in less amount of time. Our culture thrives on productivity and efficiency, and cutting excessive tasks from the day to allow for more time is a universal goal for companies and individuals. This mindset positively allows more time for other pursuits in life, and at TrueNorth we support the idea that productivity leads to healthier lifestyles. We’ve designed a series of sit to stand desks that promote productivity, both in the office and at home. Here are a few ways that standing desks and productivity are connected:


Employees that use standing desks are noticeably more motivated than their peers that solely use the more traditional sitting desks. Motivated employees tend to be satisfied with their work, perform well under stress, and generally lead happy and healthy lives. Employers, schools and corporations have long looked for ways to encourage intrinsic motivation within individuals, and over and over again it’s discovered that people are motivated when they feel valued and supported. By offering your employees the health benefits associated with a standing desk, you are showing them that they are valued. Unfortunately, this is very rare in some fields! As you invest in the health and happiness of your employees, you encourage motivation, and therefore, allow opportunity for your business to succeed.


TrueNorth standing desks are especially helpful in encouraging collaboration among employees. When collaboration exists in a workplace, employees are eager to contribute to the team. Productive employees are constantly looking for ways to make the health of the overall company stronger, and collaborating with peers is a key component. Many of our sit to stand desks work well when placed together, front-to-front. This allows for more workspace and a conference table vibe for employees.


A key to productivity is sustained focus on a specific task or topic. It’s very easy to be distracted when you are bored … just think about channel surfing on the weekends. To avoid distractions and boredom, consider investing in motorized standing desks. Our whisper-like function of moving the desk to various heights allows your employees to choose when to use standing desks, without worrying about bothering nearby co-workers with excessive noise. Typically, when people are standing they aren’t as distracted as when they are sitting. Ergonomic office furniture stimulates the mind and produces better performing employees.


Energized employees are more productive employees. One huge way to increase energy in the office is to ignite the competitive human nature. As employees use standing desks in an office environment, they are more aware of the general workflow throughout the space. Everyone is then encouraged to produce prime results and contribute to the bottom line of the office.

At TrueNorth, we understand that committing to new corporate office furniture can be a hefty cost. That’s why our team of developers and designers created a line of standing desks with the highest quality of attention to detail. Our customer service representatives are available to help you determine the best office furniture for your specific corporate needs. Contact us today to learn more about the motorized standing desks we offer, and to find out how you can purchase them for your employees.Why-Standing-and-Productivity-Go-Hand-in-Hand

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