December 28, 2015

Why You Should Consider Hiring Millennials

by TrueNorth Desks

As more and more millennials are entering the workplace, hiring managers are faced with the decision: Should we hire them into our workforce? There can be some downsides to hiring millennials. They often expect more from a company, like for a company to have creative environments with standing desks. They are often viewed as lazy or not loyal to a company. But there are some upsides to hiring this more inexperienced group, and here are some of the top reasons you should consider hiring them.  

Overly Ambitious

Millennials have this hunger to be more and do more. They don’t want to remain entry level—they want to climb up the ladder. If a millennial is at a company that can accommodate their desire for growth, then he or she is likely to work harder to make that happen. The fact that they are hungry for growth will truly benefit the company.

Self Assured

You want to find employees that are confident in themselves and their abilities. Millennials enter into the workplace typically with a higher level of confidence than non-millennials, despite their lack of experience. This allows them to deal better with senior leaders, clients and other employees—making them a lot more valuable to the company.

Knowledge of the Digital World

Digital has become a huge part of the business world, and most companies have to deal with it in some capacity, even if it’s just with the company’s website. Millennials have a deep understanding of social media, the web, podcasts, and many other digital components. They grew up with it, so it comes second nature to them.

An Advocate for Change

Millennials aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of a topic or idea, and that’s a very valuable asset for a company that wants to stay relevant. This younger generation wasn’t taught to accept the status quo. Instead they ask the question, “Why?” It’s one reason why millennials are often such a fan of standup desks. If they can see a better way to do something, that’s what they are in favor of.  
If you are considering hiring millennials, fill your office with motorized standing desks. It will make you more desirable for a potential hire. TrueNorth standup desks come in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Check out our collection of height adjustable desks.

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